Oil & Gas Pipeline Maintenance

Red Eagle pipeline maintenance services enable your pipelines to operate at maximum efficiency by keeping them clean. When you have to go offline, we substantially reduce downtime.

Our mechanical, chemical, and gel cleaning methods allow us to match your pipeline conditions and ensure debris removal at reduced cost. We clean crude oil, refined products, water, natural gas, and specialized petrochemical pipelines, including difficult-to-treat ethylene systems.

In an emergency, when your pump breaks down, we keep your pipeline flowing with a temporary pump during repairs. We’ll be there when you need us with our large inventory of pumps.

When your system needs repairs, call on our experts for pipeline decommissioning, including natural gas evacuation and nitrogen purging, to safely prepare for hot work.

Finally, before you put the line back into service, we’ll hydrotest it to ensure pipeline integrity. Pipeline drying is the next step so the product meets specifications.

Pipeline Maintenance check
CEPA Integrity Dig