Pipeline Construction & Maintenance

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Houston Texas

field fabrication pipeline
pipeline repair and Fabrication
New Construction
Oilfield Construction & Maintenance


New Construction

4” to 36” Diameter Pipeline Construction
Valve Placement
Steel & Poly Lines
Gathering Systems
Dry & Slick Bore Installations
Pump & Meter Stations
Directional Drilling

Integrity and Maintenance

Anomaly Investigations & Repairs
Hydrostatic Testing
Class Changes, Re-Routes & Line Adjustments
Recoating & Blasting
Casing Extensions
Roustabout Crews
DOT/Regulated Pipeline Valve Maintenance
Valve Maintenance/Repair
Relief Valve Testing and Repair
Blasting & Painting
Pipeline Pigging & Cleaning
Abandonments & Pipeline Removals
Clock Springs & Aqua Wrap
Emergency Response Leak Repairs

Shop & Field Fabrication

Meters Skids
Full-Service Make-Ready and Fabrication
Launchers & Receiver’s
Spool Pieces
Slug Catchers
Cat Walks
Sand Blasting
Coating & Painting
Valve Settings & Risers
Tank Batteries

Site and Civil Construction

Plant and Road Entrances
Drainage Ditches
Fence Installation
Site work pads Pit Expansions
Installation of bridges
Metallic Buildings
Full Service Concrete & Asphalt Construction
Under Ground Utilities


ROW Restoration
Site Clean-Up


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EMR = .84

As a leading oil and gas construction contractor, our focus on safety and quality ensure the integrity of every project we undertake. When traditional trenching or excavating techniques are not practical, Red Eagle is able to provide fleets of Maxi-Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) equipment and experienced operators for jobs large and small. Red Eagle has successfully completed hundreds of Hydro-Testing over the past 10 years. These tests range from a few feet of small diameter pipe spools to extended length large diameter pipelines. The proper application of pipeline coatings is an essential element to the successful long-term integrity and corrosion prevention of a pipeline. Red Eagle offers comprehensive on-site pipeline Blasting / Coating / Painting services. We’ve invested heavily in the right people, right tools, and right equipment to ensure pipeline integrity for the long run.

Red Eagle partners with and supports many companies in the industry, including Menade Inc.